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Market Research

Market Research

· Specialized recruitment

· Focus Groups/Telephone interviews

· Quantitative Surveys

· Financial and Analytical analysis

Market Research Capabilities

Part of our Strategic success is our ability to research the issue.   


From examining written literature available, to primary research of all types, we start by defining critical objectives, strive to understand the consumer, influencer, and how the examined market works, by speaking to all the pertinent players:  patient, reimbursement, medical and/or business community, and end with supported direction influencing information.


Our clients use us for either for their specific research needs, or as a component in strategic planning.    We offer scalable alternatives to meet the clients needs most appropriately.

Researched Areas:

Corp./Business Issues


Atrial Fibrillation


Irritable Bowl Syndrome

Fugal Infections


Cosmetic Procedures

Managed Care



Interventional Cardiology

Cardiac Surgery


ENT: Cosmetic

ENT: head and neck/                        


General Surgery


Employment Surveys

Elder Care Issues


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… just a quick note to thank you for the great market research VALUEDsolutions did for “a technology firm”  The interviews were thorough and in-depth, and surfaced several opportunities for our product that we might never have uncovered.  Your concept for a “straw horse” brochure which allowed us to get customers’ impressions of visual images that could be translate directly into booth graphics and promotional materials was ingenious.  We are looking forward to working with VSI again in the future.

VP Product Development   at a technology firm.

VALUEDsolutions enabled us to gain meaningful, direction providing information, from disease focused physician meetings held across the country.  The information was used in a variety of areas:  messaging, sales aid development, clinical initiatives, and appreciation of product value.    With over 100 physicians participating at each venue, and the varied state in which we provided the material, it was very helpful to have not only  the analysis and summarization VALUEDsolutions provided, but the executive documentation, recommendation, and PowerPoint feedback we could provide our sales team.


Dir  Marketing: in an effort supporting a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

· Literature based Research

· Questionnaire Development

· Scale appropriate studies

· Research management for the larger initiative.


Investigating Businesses, Markets, and Consumers of all Levels